Holiday Exhibition at Kota Alliance

Masako's Azalea painting is exhibited at Kota Alliance Holiday Exhibition, Suger Hill, Manhattan NY. 

She is at Opening Reception, Wednesday, December 13 at 6pm to 8pm.


The Kota Alliance Holiday Exhibition:

Duration: Dec 13th 2023 to Jan 10th 2024

Place: 43 St Nicolas Place

Email: info@kota-alliance.org

Phone/Text: 347-884-3626

Web: https://www.kota-alliance.org


During the months of December and January, the Kota Alliance (Kota) will be hosting A Celebration of Light – A Celebration of Humanity: a month-long visual art exhibit and pop-up shop for women/womynx. During the winter holiday season, many cultures and religions traditionally celebrate with images of light. Clouded by the darkness of world events, artists can point the way to affirm our shared humanity and provide a symbol of hope. The exhibition will assert the diverse experiences of women/womynx artists as they reflect on humanity and lightness. The exhibition will also serve artists in the community by providing a platform for arts sales. Organized by Yael Ben-Zion.