Masako was born in Hirado, Japan which is one of the islands located on the west of Kyushu region. The natural scenery around her was always magnificent and limitless, to which these were the overwhelming presence to stimulate her five senses as the core of her production of paintings. 


 She realized her passion of paintings in early teenage and developed her interest of learning the meaning of colors in the exchange year in USA. She expanded of her knowledge and skills at Academy of Art in San Francisco, and it took no time to express herself in abstract paintings. She was passionate to paint large scale canvases describing how much her thoughts and feelings are affecting her own world. One of her largescale paintings is over 15 feet long. 


 Being in the USA also made her think who she really is. Plenty of Japanese arts and culture are shown and appreciated in overseas made her recognize necessity to return home, Japan. She deeply found her sense of Japanese beauty by studying at Kyoto Art University. Her passion to create became abstract paintings that are not only expressive, but also minimalism and emotional in their effects, in which, nature appreciation that may reflects Japanese spirituality.



 Since 2019, she’s been based in NYC, exhibiting at the contemporary art gallery, also gets involved in her community to exhibit her art pieces such as cafés, restaurants, and nonprofit organizations. Her works have been shown internationally and are featured in public collections in Japan. 




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