Masako’s original art works

  Masako Takamasu is an artist who finds the possibility of creating paintings in Japanese graceful beauty and abstract paintings.  

  Born in Hirado, Japan which is one of the islands located on the west side of Kyushu. The natural scenery around  her was always magnificent and limitless, to which these was the overwhelming presence to stimulate her five senses as the core of her production of paintings. Masako came to produce large size paintings willingly when she turned 15 years old and 2 years later she was endowed with an opportunity to measure communication through colors in the United States.   These experiences greatly influenced her process of producing new paintings. It goes without saying that it did not take a long time to come under an overwhelming influence of abstract paintings in San Francisco, California. During that period, she'd created abstract paintings larger than three feet minimum and expanded to fifteen feet wide.

  She felt need of reconfirming Japanese beauty as her own identity through her paintings,  she came to find possibility of self-expression between the depth of graceful beauty by Japanese flower culture and objectivity of plasticity in abstract paintings.  She is overwhelmed by the vitality that flowers have and she is touched by the beauty which influences lives. They gently get close to her feelings somehow therefore they are admired.  Thus, because the overwhelming presence of her underlying nature she is stimulated anew, and come to plunge her magnificent imagination into the canvases again. Her passion of painting now continues with not only flowers but power of nature. 




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Masako Wypycha 
( artist name / maiden name ・Masako Takamasu )
Born in Hirado Japan
Based on NYC
Group Exhibition
  • Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, NoMAA Online Gallery- 2020, New York, USA 
  • Brunswick Street Gallery- 2019, Melbourne, Australia
  • Arkas Sasebo Music Hall- 2008, Sasebo, Japan
  • Fukuoka City Art Museum- 2000, Fukuoka, Japan
Solo Exhibition
  • Gallery Monne Porte, Hasami 2007 
Experimenting juxtaposition with paintings and historical space. The exhibition details were featured by national wide TV broadcast and local newspapers with 1400 visitors.  
  • Coffee Boeki, Sasebo 2008 
Experimenting ordinary space turned into art space to see how people spend time differently, featured by local newspaper.
Contribution and Display Collections
  • Hirado City Library, Hirado Japan
  • Kitagawa General Hospital, Hirado Japan
  • Ainosono Kindergarten, Hirado Japan
  • Tangible Cultural Property ・ Nagayama Residence / Cafe Akashiya, Hirado Japan
  • Restaurant Aozora, Saza Japan
  • Restaurant Sakuraya, Sasebo Japan
  • Restaurant Ottantotto, Fukuoka Japan
  • Flower Design School Kaka, Nagasaki Japan
  • Florist Tanpopo, Nagasaki Japan
  • Private Residences, multiple locations in  Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Tokyo Japan / Ohio, New York USA

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  • Art Gallery Artsper- France based online gallery
  •  Art Curator Japan-Japanese art and culture hub
  • Kyoto University of the Arts- Kyoto Japan - Bachelor of Arts
  • Academy of Art University San Francisco- San Francisco California - New Media and Fine Arts 
  • MAMI Flower Design School - Tokyo, Japan

Instructor License Certification



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