Yellow Sky Exhibition

Masako's Abstract Expression Painting Exhibition "Yellow Sky" @ KuroKirin Espresso & Coffee, Inwood, Manhattan starts from June 1st. 

 Most of the art works in this exhibition were created during pandemic in NYC which deeply impacted her everyday life and changed her bias. This exhibition mostly includes her abstract paintings, in which some of the paintings are related to her previous works. The concept of “What Gray Can Contain” is inspired by her piece titled “the wall”. Also, the painting titled “My Sky Became Yellow“ is an extension piece of her painting titled “sky blue“ from 2005 which is one of her significant paintings. They represent how her consciousness starts seeing different perspectives through the year, thus you might be able to experience her prevalence.


Location: Kuro Kirin Espresso & Coffee

Add: 4795 Broadway, New York, NY, 10034

Date: June 1 to July 31, 2021

Open: weekdays 7am to 5pm

             weekends 7:30am to 5pm


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